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Brangus Cattle

Brangus Cattle crossbred with Angus, resulting with Angus Plus cattle - The American Tenderizer

Breeding Bulls and Heifers now available

From the very beginning, this Brangus breed was developed for a reason. About half a century ago, many cattlemen knew there was a need for a cattle breed that could easily tolerate adverse climate and adapt, yet not compromise. Not compromise their "fertility" "early puberty" or their "carcass quality". These cattlemen began to combine Brahman and Angus genetics and finally decided the optimum breed mix was 3/8 Brahman and 5/8 Angus. This American breed represents incredible environmental adaptability, documented maternal efficiency, feedlot and carcass excellence, making Brangus a good choice. Now, the Angus cross has been a good result for us and enhances the existing good Brangus traits.

This Angus Plus brood cow is a proven, profitable beef factory

A Brangus female is hardy, heat tolerant, reaches puberty early and exhibits great mothering ability. She has been documented through research to wean more pounds of calf produced per cow throughout her life compared to other breeds.

An Angus Plus bull sires a premium beef animal that fits today's target

The Angus and Brangus influence in today's beef industry is being seen on every economic front. As producers search for a cross breeding combination to compliment their cow herds, Angus-plus sires are rapidly achieving prominence

When you need replacement cattle for your herd, remember to look for the (B3) brand and expect good choice, good value, and good service.

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